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Whether you are a new applicant or a past recipient of the Dr. Syngman Rhee Scholarship, you must submit the following documents in order to be considered for the current year’s scholarship received by April 30th:


  • Scholarship Application Form

  • An essay about Dr. Syngman Rhee, how has he affected you or based on your research, what do you think of his life philosophy? Why do you think Dr. Syngman Rhee was important to Korean history? (up to 1 page, single spaced)

  • A PERSONAL STATEMENT explaining who you are, your long-term goals. Please also explain your financial need and how the past year has affected you as a person. (Minimum 1 paragraph, up to 1 page, single spaced)

  • A list of your EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES in high school or college (as applicable).

  • A list of any AWARDS, ACHIEVEMENTS, and/or RECOGNITIONS you have received.

  • A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION sent directly from a teacher/professor/counselor no more than six months old.

  • A copy of a letter from your college’s Dean of Admissions attesting to your admission (for H.S. students starting college).

  • An OFFICIAL COPY of your most recent TRANSCRIPT sent directly from your high school or college.


Applications can be submitted via email

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